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Kelli Serio
Kelli Serio
Big Brothers & Big Sisters
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I have been working with Mike at Zima Media for a few weeks now. My nonprofit was approved for a marketing grant. They did a full audit of our Google Analytics and website for SEO optimization and analytics tracking. I appreciate all of Mike’s help, their insight has been invaluable! I would highly recommend Zima Media!
Jean Fleming
Jean Fleming
Pan African Sanctuary Alliance
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The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) has been the beneficiary of Zima Media’s expertise in search engine optimization, Google analytics and more. Through their nonprofit grant program, they have helped us develop a more effective digital footprint. Now people with an interest in African primate welfare and conservation can connect with us much more easily – and we can track the impact of these interactions. The Zima team is professional, clear, and super responsive in resolving issues. Highly recommended.
Annetta Paps-King
Annetta Paps-KingSupport a Gambia Girl Foundation
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The people in Zima Media have a heart in giving quality, value and professionalism. Their work is responsive to the needs of their clients. They helped our nonprofit organisation by setting up all the Google marketing channels for us, created insightful reporting and recommendations to increase our fundraising activities. All done with ease and a smile. I’ll recommend their service any day. Top notch.

How Does 10 Pledge Work?

All of us might try to show kindness every day, but sometimes it feels all the attention is mostly going to large foundations that help people in need worldwide.

So, what if we alone could do something that would highly contribute to making the lives of those in need better?

What if we could make random acts of kindness not so random?

Where does a nonprofit organization even begin?

This is how 10 works.

  1. Volunteers from all over the world create their grant program. 
  1. Nonprofits can view and apply and request grants.
  1. Approved grants are awarded to nonprofits and completed within 30 days by volunteers.
  1. Volunteer’s profiles track the hours and completed grants.
  1. Nonprofits profiles track the hours received from completed grants.
  1. Increase your social impact by sharing your grants, reviews, and other nonprofits on 10.
  1. Anyone on 10 can sign up and volunteer remotely and donate as little as 10-seconds a month.

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Why Volunteer With 10 Pledge?

Help us build a community here it’s easier for people to donate their time.

10 is addressing the biggest problem in the nonprofit sector. Kindness starts when you open your wallet and stops when you close it.

100% of the donation will never reach those in need.

Volunteering with 10 means 100% of your time donation goes directly to the nonprofit.

Share 10 on social media to make your first not random act of kindness – sign the 10 pledge today!

What’s the catch for nonprofits?

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