What is the 10 Pledge?

All of us might try to show kindness every day, but sometimes it feels all the attention is mostly going to large foundations that help people in need worldwide.

So, what if we alone could do something that would highly contribute to making the lives of those in need better?

What if we could make random acts of kindness not so random?

Where does a nonprofit organization even begin?

This is How 10 Works

  1. Volunteers from all over the world create their grant program. 
  2. Nonprofits can view and apply and request grants.
  3. Approved grants are awarded to nonprofits and completed within 30 days by volunteers.
  4. Volunteer’s profiles track the hours and completed grants.
  5. Nonprofits profiles track the hours received from completed grants.
  6. Increase your social impact by sharing your grants, reviews, and other nonprofits on 10.
  7. Anyone on 10 can sign up and volunteer remotely and donate as little as 10-seconds a month.

Why Volunteer With 10 Pledge?

Help us build a community here it’s easier for people to donate their time.

10 is addressing the biggest problem in the nonprofit sector. Kindness starts when you open your wallet and stops when you close it.

100% of the donation will never reach those in need. Volunteering with 10 means 100% of your time donation goes directly to the nonprofit.

Share 10 on social media to make your first not random act of kindness.

What’s the catch for nonprofits?

  • No middleman, no hidden fees, no commitments.
  • 10 Pledge is a registered NFP working on tax-exempt status with the IRS.
  • Volunteers are screened and offer valuable digital marketing grants to grow nonprofits.
  • 10 sponsors are donating technology, infrastructure, and experience to keep the marketplace 100% free.
  • Our goal is to donate one billion hours.

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